Christmas Stocking Fillers

Christmas Stocking Fillers
The Perfect Stocking Filler Presents For Men.
For many families, stockings are one of the most fun things about Christmas. Sitting on the bed in our pyjamas shouting at anyone who starts taking pictures before we’ve even attempted to wipe off the mascara smears left over from last night’s post-pub collapse can be a very close-knit family moment. The kids are excited as the first little presents of Christmas emerge…people start eating chocolate money before they’ve even had a sniff of a croissant…it’s Christmas gold.

Sometimes it’s the little jokey or unusual gifts that really make everyone’s Christmas. I’m sure it’s not just my family who have laughed disproportionately at multi-tonal fart machines or those odd general knowledge quiz games in tiny boxes that can keep us amused for hours, especially when everyone’s been on the sherry after lunch!

Very often it’s easiest to buy gifts online and if you are looking for stocking fillers for men check out Paramount Zone. They also have some top Christmas for men here.

When it comes to stocking filler presents for men, gadgets and gizmos that light up, make noise, decorate, entertain or accessorize other electronic goods are often hugely popular. Shopping online for the most weird, wonderful or pointless uses of modern technology can be fun in itself! And we all know that today’s electronic flashing shower percussion Santa droid can inspire tomorrow’s light-bulb moment for a geek somewhere who’s inventing the time-travel solution!

Machines that make comments, preferably offensive, are also often big hits in our house. Like the notorious fart machine, anything that will spontaneously and sporadically erupt with random noises or shouting will be a sure fire winner. If anyone in your household is of a nervous disposition then these are to be avoided, as you can guarantee that the device will continue in use long after some people have finished appreciating the joke, which the owner of the device will usually find the funniest bit of all.

Popular men’s Christmas stocking fillers do go beyond gadgetry, with food being the next most common item. Does your dad simply need those chocolate Brazil nuts every year? Would mum not think it was Christmas without those flat fruit jelly things arranged in a circle? A selection box is a stocking filler staple, as is the ubiquitous chocolate money.

Key rings, socks, pants, bathroom products, kitchen items and dubious object d’art are also perfect stocking filler presents for men. And an orange with a piece of coal is a traditional touch that can go down well if you like a bit of old-time romanticism.

As with all Christmas presents, the best stocking fillers for men are the ones that show how well you know the people you are buying for and how much you have considered what they would like. Mixing traditional favourites with random, comedy trinkets can make for a giggle filled Christmas morning and a great start to your Christmas day!

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