Christmas Hampers

Christmas hampers are becoming more popular and are given by both companies and people to say thank you to, or to spoil the recipient. Christmas hampers are varied in both price and items. One need not spend a fortune on a hamper, and can personalize it very easily.

Christmas hampers are a great gift idea to thank someone for loyal support or loyal service for the year. Christmas hampers are also becoming more and popular for companies to give staff members. Hampers can be filled with a variety of goodies that can suit any budget.

The different types of hampers available

A Christmas hamper can differ depending on the budget available, and can contain anything from dried fruit and nuts to vintage wines. The basket in which the hamper comes in can also differ depending on the budget, and some companies will have specialized baskets that the goodies go in.

Some popular items that go into a hamper include savory biscuits, marzipan, cookies and chocolates. There are hampers that just have the traditional puddings and Christmas biscuits, including brandy puddings, mince pies, shortbread and other assorted Christmas sweets. There is even a hamper that simply has chocolates and nuts, this hamper will usually be considered a special treat by the recipient, and the giver will usually never go wrong. Hampers that combine both sweet and savory morsels are available; some of the goodies in this hamper can include biscuits and marzipan.

For splurging, there are also hampers with a variety of chocolate liqueurs, which are quite popular during Christmas time. A wine hamper will always be appreciated, and choosing the different wines that will fill the hamper can be a great deal of fun.

Added extras that will make a Christmas hamper unique

Adding things like potpourri or incense will make a Christmas hamper unique. A basic hamper of dried fruit and nuts can be made special by adding votive or scented candles to make it more personal. When giving a wine hamper, the bottles may be engraved with a special message, this way the recipient can keep the bottle afterwards as a keepsake. Adding glasses and a bottle opener, which can also be engraved with a unique message, will make the occasion memorable.

Special baskets or engraved boxes will make the Christmas hamper really well received. Anyone would have trouble going wrong when choosing goodies to put into a hamper, just apply a little imagination. Take the recipient’s preferences into account when planning a hamper and fill the hamper up with these things.

Christmas hampers for staff members

More and more companies are giving small hampers to their staff members for Christmas. This does not have to be extremely expensive, and can consist of foodstuffs. The hamper can be full of essentials, like flour, sugar, coffee and tea, or luxury items , like chocolates and nuts can go into the hampers. Staff members love these small hampers and work ever harder in appreciation.

It is not necessary to spend a complete fortune on these hampers, just fill them with things that the staff members will need. The items can go in a bucket, instead of a hamper, allowing the staff member to use the bucket around the house for something; therefore, the whole gift will be used.

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  1. Florist Says:

    I love to have Christmas hamper as my present, especially hamper of gourmet, yummy!

  2. railwaychildrenorg Says:

    Every year in the UK 100,000 children under 16 in the UK run away from home.
    30% are 12 years old or younger
    With 1/6 of them sleeping rough these young people are at risk of significant harm.
    Railway Children aims to reach young people BEFORE that risk becomes a reality
    You can bring a smile to the faces of young people you care about this winter, whilst helping us to help young people who may not be fortunate enough to have anyone to care.

  3. Merry Christmas ! Says:

    It’s always nice to receive one.

  4. when is christmas day Says:

    Hampers for 2011 is all the missus is going on about this year.

    I really hope that she calms down soon.

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