Christmas in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most fabulous places to be especially during the Christmas season.

As a country, Ireland ranks as the third largest country in Europe and the twentieth largest in the world. Ireland’s capital Dublin is one of the most fascinating places to live on earth. Ireland is bounded on the east by Great Britain.

Ireland has a population of about 6.5 million people and home to the native Irish people. Although the Irish men speak English, they do so with an accent. Irish’s capital city Dublin is home to people from all races and cultures.

Ireland has great architecture and breath taking skylines that is quite similar to that of Great Britain. The city architecture is a mix mash of that old the old and new. Ireland is a country that is remarkable for its suitable standard of living and low crime rate. Ireland is undoubtedly one of the most livable places on planet earth. For travelers and holiday markers, Ireland is one of the most affordable yet exquisite places to go when on a holiday.

In Ireland, the Christmas holiday is one of the foremost holidays, and it celebrated with so much pomp and pageantry. There is always so much going on in Ireland during the Christmas period or holidays. Below are some of the remarkable events that make holidaying in Ireland very interesting in 2010.

Christmas markets

Ireland is a country that is blessed with so many Christmas markets. This year’s charismas holiday, some of the popular Christmas markets that you should consider visiting to do your shopping includes the Dublin Docklands Christmas Market in Dublin, Ireland, the Ballyvaughan Christmas Market in Tipperary, Ireland and the Temple Bar Christmas Market. Each of the aforementioned markets would be opening from the second week of December until the end of December.

Ice Rinks

Ice skating is one of the fun activities that you can engage in if you would be spending your Christmas holiday in Ireland this Christmas. There are several ice skating rinks all over Ireland and more are opening up daily. Some of the most popular ice staking rinks in Ireland includes the 7up Christmas On Ice Letterkenny. This ice skating rink would be opening from November 2010 - January 2011

Good Hotel Facilities

Ireland is quite a large country with an average population. There are several unique hotels all round the country, so you wouldn’t have problem securing accommodation even when you fail to book in time.

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