Christmas in Birmingham

Learn more about the Christmas market and other events.

Birmingham is one of the metropolitan cities in England. Apart from London, Birmingham is Britain’s most vibrant and most populous city. The city lies in the heart of the western midland conurbation. Besides being a very vibrant and populous city, Birmingham is the second best place to locate a business in the UK.

Birmingham is a city that has its name written in gold as the commercial and industrial nerve centre of Great Britain., the city ranks tops as one of the 50th most livable cities in the world. The city of Birmingham is reputed for its food, and it’s inhabitant who are best known as Brummies. In Birmingham, the people speak a dialect and flavor of English that is best known as the Brummie dialect.
Despite the fact that Birmingham is an industrial and commercial city, Christmas celebration is always fun and entertaining in Birmingham. The Brummies are a very warm and welcoming people, hence your decision to spend this year’s Christmas holiday in the city would not be regrettable.
Below are some of the highlights of this year’s Christmas celebration in Birmingham

Christmas markets

As usual, this year’s Christmas celebration in Birmingham would witness the opening of so many Christmas markets. Amongst the numerous Christmas markets in Birmingham, the Frankfurt Christmas market is the most remarkable. This year, the market would be opened from November 18th -22nd December 2010 and would run daily from 10am – 8pm. Some of the stuffs that would be offered for sale in the market include gift items, exotic snacks, cheap foodstuff, groceries, clothes, and art works.

Christmas lights

The Christmas lights that would light up the streets of Birmingham this year can best be described as fantastic. Like every other year, the city of Birmingham would come alive with Christmas lights and decorations that would give much beauty and aesthetic appeal to the city breath taking streets and skyline.

Other side attractions

The city of Birmingham is set for a show down this Christmas holiday. Events such as the Pantomime Horse race would take place in Edgbaston Street on Sunday 21 November. More also, there would be a canal Boat Light Parade that you take place along Bindley’s between 5-6pm on Sunday 21 November.

If you would be in Birmingham this Christmas holidays, please do not fail to go for a ride on the famous Birmingham Big Wheel that is located in Centenary Square. To take a ride on the famous Birmingham Big Wheel cost €5 for adult, €4 for senior citizens and €3 for kids.

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