Christmas 2009 in Paris

All around the world, at Christmas joy fills the air and magic lights up the atmosphere. In Paris, at Christmas, clothes and fashion fills the air while magic lights up the atmosphere. This Christmas of 2009, the city of Paris would witness the influx of a great multitude of tourist as always. Most of these tourists come from all around the world, while some come to enjoy the light filled festive season, others do come to enjoy the romantic ambience, which the city is capable of providing. Their quest for a romantic atmosphere is usually what informs their choice of Paris as perfect Christmas holiday destination.

If you would be spending your Christmas holiday this year in Paris, there are several fun things that would definitely tickle your fancy and capture your interest some of these fun and festive activities.

Christmas markets

Like every other city in the continent of Europe, this winter/ Christmas holiday would mark the rise and upspring of several Christmas markets. However, the markets in Paris are quite unlike other markets that you can find in any other city in Europe. They are well stocked with clothes and fashion items because Paris is the home of fashion and the roots of many great fashion designers and clothing lines. This Christmas season in Paris, the market in Northern Alsace region is one of the most remarkable market that is worthy of been mentioned. The market offers the look and feel of a wooden outdoor wooden booth village market. This Christmas, the market would be opened by November, and promises to offer the very best in terms of wines, decorations, gingerbread, clothing and other Christmas stuffs that you might be interested in.


Paris is definitely a place to skate, the skating rinks that are usually set up around the city at Christmas, offers some the best and most competitive service in Europe. In Paris, if you do not have skates, you can rent some for as little as €5. If you were a parent who has kids who love skating, you would definitely enjoy holidaying this Christmas in Paris because in Paris kids are rented skate at no cost to their parents.

Christmas at Disneyland Paris

If you are a parent, who would be holidaying with his kids this Christmas holiday, I would advice that you should consider spending some quality time at Disneyland Paris for the sake of your kids. Believe me, your kids would definitely love the electrifying, and fun soaked ambience that Disneyland has to offer. Some of the side attraction at Disneyland includes parades, Christmas market, and musical performances by teen music sensations such as Hanna Montana, Ashley, and other stars from high school musicals.

This year, Christmas holiday activities at Disneyland, promise to be very entertaining and would commence from November 8th 2009 through to January 3rd 2010.

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  1. Ed Says:

    I must agree, Paris is the best place to skate in Europe at Christmas!

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