Christmas 2009 in Bristol

Every year people flock to the city of Bristol to see what they cannot see in their own towns and home countries and every year Bristol fulfills their wishes with unforgettable family shows and awe inspiring musicals and Pantomimes. And in this fashion of never letting visitors down; this year Bristol will be hosting an array of Christmas shows this year that is sure to arouse feelings of good cheer in your loved ones of all ages not only the kids.

Turn on the sights of Christmas

Some of these events are held annually while others are going to be seen for the first time. All shows are being held at the famous Bristol Hippodrome.

Here is just a few that are being advertised around the UK as family must see shows.

  1. Lord of the dance- This will be a family showing and will start December the 1st through December 11th at the Bristol Hippodrome. For tickets to all of the shows in Bristol listed here you can call 0844 847 1722.
  2. Snow white and the seven dwarfs- This will be a Pantomime and will start on 11th December and continue through 10th January 2010 at the Bristol Hippodrome.
  3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang- This will be a family musical and will start the 13th of December and continue till the 30th of January 2010 at the Bristol Hippodrome.

Christmas deer feed

There are many more events scheduled around the Bristol area for families to attend while out enjoying the festive season with loved ones and children of all ages. One note worthy event will take place on the 21st of December
at approximately 1pm and go till about 2pm. Located at the Ashton Court Estate will be the Christmas Deer Feed where your children will love to feed the deer with Father Christmas.

Booking the event

The estate requests that you book the event by phoning the estate office on 0117 9639174. The best part about this event isn’t even having the deer eat out of your hand, it’s the fact that this event will cost you absolutely nothing to attend, and even the parking is free! There are facilities at the estate that include a cafe and bar, public toilets, telephones and even a family picnic area.

A family event

So bring the whole family and get in the Christmas spirit the way that ole Santa does it every year, by feeding the deer! Even if you cannot attend the events in the Bristol area there is a wide selection of restaurants in the area that are most all hosting some sort of Christmas celebration that will be a blessing for the family young or old.

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